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     We Will Define

  • Narrow Targeting Opportunities
  • Strategic Plans Supporting Ethnic Marketing Initiatives
  • Cross-cultural Unique & Differentiating Traits
  • General Market Parallels to Ethnic Attitudes on Brands
  • Priorities and Schedules for Ethnic Campaigns
  • Acculturation and Finances Weight on Media Selection
  • Performance Metrics and Tracking Guidelines
  • Marketing Briefs: Creative and Tactics
  • Media Mix and Budgets: Off-line & Online


  • Business Climate and Opportunities, by Market
  • Category Participation in Multicultural Markets
  • Awareness and Attitudes Toward Specific Brands
  • Lifestyle and Purchasing Habit Insights
  • Competitive Analysis of Ethnic and Mainstream Media
  • Qualitative Analyses of Brand Messages
  • Creative and Media Vehicle Testing

At your Fingertips

  • Geoscape data stream intelligence management system subscription

      Potential Market Data

  • 356 Goods and Services
  • Household and Business Demography and Geography
  • Cost of Living and Econometric Data
  • Ethnic: Total, GM, Hispanic, AA, Asian
  • Metrics: Average, Aggregate, Index v. National
  • Over 1500 indicators: Acculturation, tech adoption, language, income, SES, country of origin, consumer spending, age cohorts...and more.            

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Geoscape and MMC respond to your business needs!

  • American Market Data Stream
  • Demographic Data
  • Consumer Spending
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Lists
  • Business Lists
  • Audience Coverage Data & Mapping - Relationships among target groups
  • Market Data & Maps

  • Geoscape Intelligence System
  • Direct Target System
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