• Guided the strategic development and approval of              on-/off-line Marcom initiatives on Hispanic & African American segments surpassing key metrics by 35%.
  • Oversaw African American and Hispanic ethnicity model updates; added in-language Hispanic research questionnaires; and  increased Int’l long-distance presence in product bundles targeted to Hispanics, all resulting in response and unit sales growth. 
  • Initiated email blast and response rate metrics for African American and Hispanic segments.
  • Led 2005 launch of Prunelax (brand from Chile) in selected mainstream Chicago and Milwaukee markets, with highly successful results.
  • Piloted creative and media strategic base delivering a resurgence of Mitsubishi's market rank from #4 to #2.   
  • Oversaw the restructuring McDonald’s media activities representing 20% in savings and improving KPI through innovative media use.
  • Played pivotal role designing and selling joint Daimler- Chrysler and Mitsubishi alliance building the largest media buying powerhouse in the Puerto Rico market and leveraging  media efficiencies by 30%.
  • Orchestrated a Latin American initiative for Mars, Inc. to improve creative execution development and adaptation process that resulted significant efficiencies, while still meeting market specific strategic needs.
        JMR Consulting
  • Assessed and recommended improvements on media mix, vehicle selection and the negotiation of volume agreements producing  30%+ increase in TRP delivery to target for KFC in the Caribbean.
  • Served as consultant in business development processes for a Saatchi / Saatchi subsidiary, which won four out of six pitches, to include Toyota Motors Puerto Rico and Serralles Distillers accounts.

A LuZan, Inc. company
Success stories here described  are the combined effort of highly competent managers, advertising and media agencies and research vendors which executed strategies and briefs flawlessly. 

All projects required in-depth analysis of qualitative and quantitative market data and insights, creative briefs that stimulated one-of-a-kind copy,  narrowly targeted media plans, the necessary discussion and validation of performance data, and the commitment of all stakeholders to implement each stage of the project in a timely manner.

I thank my coworkers, vendors and clients at LuZan, BellSouth, BBDO, S&S (OMEGA), Aspen Analytics,  GeoscapeR,  Published Records Service and Malrite Corp.
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